Branding Puzzle Demands
Strategic Move

Mediateck was founded in 1990 and has produced a gamut of creative and engaging content for a wide range of industries, from start-ups to the most reputed companies with varied clients such as Infosys, Wipro, ITC, Zee and many others.

Our creative branding group is built on balance; consisting of marketing professionals and creative minds that are dedicated to re-market your brand to increase your market share and improve your bottom-line.

Through our holistic approach, we understand effective communication and how to resonate your target audience with the most engaging and creative content.

We Design
Creative Solutions

Over the last two decades, Mediateck’s primary focus has been to develop creative solutions and applications including animated films, web series, commercials, as well as branded content.

We strive to be your in-house video production company and creative partner.

Our passion for art with business purpose blends to help launch your company’s products and differentiate you from your competitors We believe not only pretty pictures, creativity, storytelling and collaborative approach is essential, but the special sauce we bring is our understanding in executing the most appropriate brand strategies, brand messaging and brand positioning.

At Mediateck, we believe “brands matter,” and every communication touch point is at its core, a “brand message.” As a creative partner, we go an extra mile to understand your customer’s pain points and decision-making process.

We Value
Human Touch Points

Producing exciting videos for our clients is of utmost importance, but the experience during the process is equally important.

We’re committed to strengthening ties on every tier of the customer journey with a deeper understanding of your needs and by providing communication with a personal touch from start to finish.